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It’s time to choose where you want to put your super

Congratulations on your new role! Tell us what super fund you want to choose, and we’ll make contributions to that fund.

You can choose to join our partner super fund, UniSuper, or nominate your own existing fund if you want to. If you are an existing UniSuper member and want to continue with them, complete the ‘Choose UniSuper’ section. 

From 1 November 2021, if you start a new job and you do not advise us of your choice of super fund by completing this form, we may check with the ATO if you have an existing super account to pay your super into.

UniSuper is our nominated super fund

UniSuper is our nominated superannuation fund of choice. 

Learn more about UniSuper and read their Product Disclosure Statement on the UniSuper Website.

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University Of South Australia
Super fund name
37 191 313 308
Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI)
91 385 943 850
1800 331 685

Choose UniSuper

UniSuper is one of Australia’s best super funds. It is an award-winning member-first super fund with strong performance, lower fees, and sustainable investment options. Join in around 2 minutes and look forward to greater super. Already a UniSuper member? If UniSuper remains your fund of choice, you should also complete this section.

This form takes around 2 minutes to complete.
Your date of birth
Enter your date of birth.
You don’t have to give us your TFN but if you don’t, your contributions may be taxed at a higher rate. Your TFN also helps you keep track of your super and allows you to make personal contributions to your fund.

Read more about providing my TFN.

or you can...

Nominate another super fund

You can nominate another APRA fund if you want to. You need current details from the super fund, retirements savings account (RSA) or self-managed super fund (SMSF) to continue. 

This form takes around 10 minutes to complete.
Before you start
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If you nominate an APRA fund or RSA 

  • You must include the unique superannuation identifier (USI). Get this from your fund.
  • You must attach a letter from the fund trustee or RSA provider confirming that the fund or RSA:
    • is a complying fund or RSA, and
    • will accept payments from your employer.
  • This letter may include other information to help us make super contributions using the SuperStream standard.
If you nominate a SMSF
  • You must include your SMSF’s ABN, bank account details and electronic service address (ESA). This is so the fund can receive electronic messages and payments using SuperStream.
  • If you are using an SMSF message provider they will give you an electronic service address alias to include as the ESA on the form.
  • You must attach copies of the these documents to support your SMSF choice:
    • A document confirming that the fund is regulated. You can be print this from
    • A letter from the trustee of the SMSF confirming that the fund will accept payments from your employer. If you are the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee, you can confirm acceptance by placing an 'X' in the relevant box on the form.
If you’re already a UniSuper Defined Benefit Division member

This form is an automated process. We need to confirm if your new employment contract means you have choice of super fund.

If you’re already a UniSuper Defined Benefit Division member you may not have a choice. If you must stay with UniSuper, we’ll continue to make contributions to your Defined Benefit Division account.